Over the years, I have accumulated several pieces of equipment and bought n’ sold even more. It’s sometimes hard to believe all the effects pedals, amplifiers and guitars that I’ve owned over the past 30 years. Even the keyboards and synthesizers that we used back in our band “JORDAN”. In addition to all that equipment, I owned PA equipment too. Monitors, speaker columns, mixers, power amps, equalizers and much more.

After all of that, I have condensed and updated my collection of GEAR to what you’ll see in the following photos. Of course, I am always adding equipment as all musicians do (we always have to own the most current guitar effects, cable systems, pedalboards, etc. available) Ha, Ha !

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Bob in his music studio_08-18-10 025 Bob's Guitar Photos_2011 022
Godin LG Trans Blue
Multiac ACS-SA Black Pearl Multiac ACS-SA Black Pearl Godin LGXT in Trans Blue 02 Godin LGXT in Trans Blue 03
Guitar Photos 071 Godin A6 ULTRA (Natural)
                         Godin guitar collection                    Godin A6 Ultra Natural


Bob's Guitar Photos_2011 011 13pinSynthAccess_MediaButton Bob's Guitar Photos_2011 014
    Godin Multiac ACS-SA Nylon                      Godin Multiac SA Grand Concert

Fender Stratocaster LOGO Fender Custom Shop LOGO-Black-n-White
My Fender Stratocasters 007
     Fender American Standard and Highway One (Custom) Stratocasters

Fender Stratocaster Custom (with HOT Noiseless Pickups) 04
Fender Highway One, Customized with Fender HOT - Noiseless pickups and GraphTech Stringsaver, Supercharger Kit.


                                    Fender Custom Shop LOGO

Bob's Fender Stratocasters 002

Fender American Standard (Custom) white w/white pickguard and a rosewood neck, Seymour Duncan pickups including an SD Humbucker (set-up like Jeff Beck’s axe).

Fender American Standard (Custom) Tri-color w/white pickguard and a rosewood neck, Joe Barden pickups and the GraphTech Stringsaver, Supercharger Kit.

Bob's Fender Stratocasters 009         Bob's Fender Stratocasters 011

I have a 2004 Hamer Sunburst Quiltop, Double-cutaway electric guitar that is not a collectors item by far, but it is a fabulous instrument. The neck is superb and now that my friend and music comrade, Nick Kosmas, who manages the GC GARAGE located in the GUITAR CENTER in Glen Burnie, Maryland has worked on the frets to create a smoother action all around; I just love playing it. In fact, I keep it in my office at work so I can practice during lunch when I don’t have any business appointments to attend.


Bob's Hamer Sunburst Quiltop Guitar_01 Hamer Sunburst Quiltop 003 Bob's Hamer Sunburst Quiltop Guitar_02


This is my blues, blues-rock and classic-rock gear.  A Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe (Special Edition) and a Mesa Boogie Mark V Combo amplifier. 

Gibson Les Paul Collection


My Gibson Les Paul Collection;

  • 2012 Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe (Special Edition)

  • 2004 Les Paul Standard in Tobacco Sunburst

  • 1999 Les Paul Double Cutaway in a Dark Grey / Black 'Tiger Stripe' finish.

My 2000 Gibson BB King "Lucille" set-up with 

D'Addario Chromes (Flat Wound) - (.012 - .052)

I'm in my studio in this photo.  As you can see, I tried the buzz cut and it just didn't fit my personality.  My hair has since grown back; Thank GOD !!


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