Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MUSICIAN by Night, Times are a Changing . . .

No More “Remains Nameless” . . .
012.3 MBN
It has been a while since my last blog entry;  Unfortunately, I’ve been rather preoccupied in a whirlwind of emotions since the breakup of our Classic Rock Band, “Remains Nameless”. We disbanded a couple of months ago and everyone had, as I was led to believe, gone their own way.  However, to my astonishment, our bass player, guitarist and lead vocalist had alternative plans. 

Eric Shultz on Drums
Remains Nameless 5-24-14 (80)        Remains Nameless 5-24-14 (79)

MBN with PE 6-7-14 008A
They apparently sought to remove of our drummer (Eric Shultz) who is one awesome drummer who can play just about any style music and play it well.  Secondly, they also needed to dispense with me because Ronnie (the other guitarist) just didn’t like me or wasn’t comfortable playing with a second guitarist in the band.  He just seemed to be all about himself and how fast and loud he could play.  However, I will not take anything away from his abilities, he’s a very good rock guitarist, I give him all the props.  He just seems to have trouble playing with a second guitarist.  Nothing I played was played well enough for him.  My licks were never played as well as he could play them.  Even the bass player, (Eric K.) told me that Ronnie was difficult to work with for those very reasons. 

MBN with PE 6-7-14 019 (2)
So, now that “Remains Nameless” is all over with, I’m now working on my own solo act that I am confident will allow me to go ‘LIVE’ sometime in the Spring of 2015.  Until then, I hope to continue playing along with Chris Hauska from time to time whenever he’s in town (Frederick, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc.).  I’ll continue to keep you all up to speed with any of my musical events thru my FACEBOOK page, MUSICIAN by Night.  Until then, “KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE” . . .

Musician by Night . . .

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  1. Sorry to hear about your parting of ways with the band. I'm praying that it works out to your advantage in the end. At least you are rid of any unnecessary drama :-)