Friday, July 18, 2014

Chris Hauska and MBN at “THE REUNION” . . .


Chris Hauska  (7)

Last Friday night, July 11th, I had the honor of joining local recording artist Chris Hauska on stage at a Bar & Grille in Frederick, MD called “The Reunion”.  It was one of the greatest times I’ve ever had performing with another solo artist.  Chris is a master musician who has the keen ability to get a crowd up out of their seats and dancing.  Not all artists have that ability.


Chris Hauska  (2)

The crowd was full of fellow members of the construction industry that Chris and I happen to be part of.  In fact, back in 2004 Chris and I met thru our construction business relationship where his company at the time (Bovis Lend Lease) and my company (Commercial Hardware of MD, Inc.) were doing a myriad of business together.  He also had another fellow employee who was a vocalist; Steve Ungerbuehler and they actually had a rock band called E.F.T. that they were attempting to get off the ground for some time.


Chris Hauska  (15)

Then the three of us played a birthday party for one of our friends but after that, Chris went off on his own.  Actually it was for the better because he became a much better performer/musician thru it all.  Back to Friday night, July 11th at “The Reunion”.  Like I first said, it was a great night and jamming with the likes of Chris Hauska was one of the highlights of my career thus far.


We played songs such as;

For What It’s Worth, Free Fallin’, Rockin’ the Free World, Ain’t No Sunshine Where She’s Gone, Sympathy for the Devil, The Weight, Wagon Wheel and many more . . .

010.1 Chris & MBN

The crown went crazy when Chris played Michael Jackson’s . . . “Beat It”.   Chris’ rendition was so unique and funky that everyone just loved it.   “He is a musical genius that’s for sure” per Tara Connell McCarthy .  She just loves that guy !!!

012.1 Chris & MBN


I really look forward to the opportunity of playing once again with Chris.  I enjoy his enthusiasm, his approach to entertaining the crowds and I just love to listen to him play his guitar and sing those traditional songs, but in a non-traditional manner like no one else can do.   When I get the chance to join him on stage again, I will play my heart out to make sure his following isn’t disappointed in what they hear from my 6-strings.


011.3 MBN


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